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Covid-19 and Technology

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, countries have been forced to quickly implement safe and effective ways to store and manage pandemic-related data. From the reporting of numbers of people tested, infected, recovered, and dead to contact tracing and, vaccines rollout, technology has been used extensively and been a key tool for the pandemic management.

Many countries have created applications to track, collate and store test data and enable effective contact tracing, and vaccination programs. COVID-19 vaccine passports and status apps are being used to help impose lockdown restrictions and restore some sort of normalcy in society.

In Ghana, we have the GH COVID-19 Tracker application, which helps citizens report their symptoms and test results. The data collected, enables the application to alert individuals if they have come in contact with people who test positive for the virus. It is also a key system for self-quarantine management, contact tracing, and the dissemination of relevant COVID updates and guidance.

Other countries like Brunei and China have developed applications that display different colours for individual’s mobile phones, based on their Covid-19 status. The colours indicate each citizen’s health status, travel history, and places they are allowed to visit, with QR codes making it easy for the information to be shared at venues.

These applications are examples of how countries are using technology in their management of the pandemic, helping to lift lockdown restrictions and safeguard the lives of their citizens.

Ghanaian companies and organizations will want to protect the lives of their employees, partners, and customers by knowing their travel history, test, and vaccination status if they are to return to full working capacity.
If your company is interested in launching an application or other technical solutions, to safeguard lives, then please contact ePareto at [email protected]. We have experience in developing sophisticated e-health systems.

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